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I blinked …and its fall 2019!

I haven’t blogged in over 5 years. I put my camera down professionally and instead focused my time and energy on my family -,it was the best decision for us at the time. I can tell you my heart wants to explode every time I think of the memories we’ve made these last several years. The times we’ve spent eating meals together, traveling, living abroad, watching sporting events, plays, concerts, and all those things you do when your kids are growing up are priceless. This past August, our eldest son Jack went away to college. We are so thrilled to watch him “fly out of the nest,” and start the next chapter of his life, but we sure do miss him. We still have three boys at home and are keeping busy in our new normal. With that said, however, I’ve found myself yearning to get back online to document life and all we’ve been up to. I started to blog back in 2004, before Instagram, Snapchat and social media influencers.

These days, I’m mostly shooting homecoming & prom pics for the boys and their friends. I’ve been thrilled to do it. So much has changed, including the addition of my hidden grey hair & my “fine lines.” Photography, social media, technology, editing trends, and let’s not forget cameras have progressed at an unbelievable rate. The iPhone, in particular, has the most incredible easy-to-use camera. I can’t wait to get the latest model! Who needs a DSLR? I hardly shoot with my big camera anymore and couldn’t even remember how to blog. I had to ask Katie, my “Blink of an Eye” partner who’s continued to shoot during my absence.

I’ll end this post by sharing images from our recent apple-picking adventure. My kids aren’t little anymore. I can’t dress them up in cute fall outfits and plop them in front of the pumpkin patch like before. Instead, I usually call my good friend or, if we’re lucky. have out-of-town friends who will share in the tradition. This year, I wanted to bring my big camera. I’ve been feeling inspired and itching to shoot more again. My friend and her daughter came with me as she always does. I also convinced my 17-year-old son, Daniel, to join us, so he did and brought his adorable girlfriend to share in the fun!

So, I can’t promise I will blog daily, or weekly, or even monthly – but I’m officially “back online” and looking forward to sharing experiences in this new phase of life!

katie + matt

katie who started working for me about 5 years got married last fall to her best friend, matt blauser. i cannot find enough words to describe how charming & perfect her day was but i can tell you that alli,  krista and i had a ball photographing the entire day! along side of us was gary garwood from Studio 213 Films and sarah delaney who helped coordinate the event. lucky me, katie edited her entire wedding as well as prepared the blog images for me to share with all of you … i sure do miss her editing weddings for me, haha! anyhoo, here is a snapshot of her day. oh and check out the film david schmaus and gary produced katie’s wedding filmin katie’s words here’s what she said on her blog about the day:

we tried to keep our wedding very true to who we are as a couple. we wanted a no frills, fun, friends & family celebration. we chose to have the wedding at my grandparents farm in farmersville, ohio. my mom had always dreamed of getting married there when she was younger but my parents wed in february so an outdoor wedding wasn’t really an option! it quickly became a dream of my own. i made most of the details for the day like the guys mismatched bow ties, pig place cards, my veil, dance floor, cornhole boards, and mini chandeliers. i had so much fun making everything! we tried to include as many special details as we could like the star trek communicator pins on the boutonnieres, the hanger for my dress my dad made from an old tobacco spear from when my grandparents grew tobacco on the farm, the piece of my mom’s veil pinned to my bouquet, and tying an actual knot during the ceremony while making ten promises to one another.

we were married down the tree lined lane by my 93 year old grandpa who owns the farm. matt’s grandma played the piano and our siblings and closest friends stood by our sides. we continued the celebration in the barn where my grandparents have raised thousands of pigs and later ran a produce stand. it has been empty for some years now so it took hours and hours of vacuuming and power washing but it paid off! chandeliers hung in the barn and yummy pulled pork filled our bellies. the night continued to the back of the barn where we had the ohio state ( my husbands alma mater) vs wisconsin football game playing through a projector on the side of the barn. we knew many people there were going to want to be watching it so instead of them checking the scores on their phone we embraced it and even played hang on sloopy during half time! we danced the night away on the peach and cream checkered dance floor we built and sipped on our signature drinks of mango margaritas and mojitos. we ended the night with a noise maker exit and headed off to our honeymoon in curaçao the next day.

it truly was a family affair and we couldn’t have made it happen without the help of our amazing family and friends! so a huge THANK YOU to all of you again. and words can’t describe how special it was to have such wonderful friends capture our wedding day. i am so blessed to have such talented people in my life! we love you guys!!!

another one bites the dust

ok … another year has come and gone!  life is flying by and not slowing down one bit.  thank you to everyone who’s wished me a happy birthday today … i feel so loved!  to all my clients waiting for pictures … hold tight, i am editing away and you will be receiving an email soon! thank you again for being so patient 🙂