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emma + ian

ok …. so we are really trying to catch up on all of our sessions over here. we have been shooting maniacs and are knocking them out one at a time. we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, yay! for those who we’ve photographed recently, hold tight. sneak peeks are coming. we are just finishing these amazing weddings we shot back in august! i am so in love with these weddings and i wish i could post/blog more. i adored emma and ian’s engagement session too but i cannot blog it at the moment so i’ll leave you with some of my favorites from their wedding. loving ian’s bow tie, their outdoor wedding and emma’s classic simplicity.

Judith Thomas - November 10, 2011 - 3:33 pm

Such beautiful pictures!

Christiane - November 21, 2011 - 2:23 pm

i didn’t notice fiona was a bridesmaid in these photos until i saw her tagged on facebook is some other photos. small world. beautiful pictures!

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