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I blinked …and its fall 2019!

I haven’t blogged in over 5 years. I put my camera down professionally and instead focused my time and energy on my family -,it was the best decision for us at the time. I can tell you my heart wants to explode every time I think of the memories we’ve made these last several years. The times we’ve spent eating meals together, traveling, living abroad, watching sporting events, plays, concerts, and all those things you do when your kids are growing up are priceless. This past August, our eldest son Jack went away to college. We are so thrilled to watch him “fly out of the nest,” and start the next chapter of his life, but we sure do miss him. We still have three boys at home and are keeping busy in our new normal. With that said, however, I’ve found myself yearning to get back online to document life and all we’ve been up to. I started to blog back in 2004, before Instagram, Snapchat and social media influencers.

These days, I’m mostly shooting homecoming & prom pics for the boys and their friends. I’ve been thrilled to do it. So much has changed, including the addition of my hidden grey hair & my “fine lines.” Photography, social media, technology, editing trends, and let’s not forget cameras have progressed at an unbelievable rate. The iPhone, in particular, has the most incredible easy-to-use camera. I can’t wait to get the latest model! Who needs a DSLR? I hardly shoot with my big camera anymore and couldn’t even remember how to blog. I had to ask Katie, my “Blink of an Eye” partner who’s continued to shoot during my absence.

I’ll end this post by sharing images from our recent apple-picking adventure. My kids aren’t little anymore. I can’t dress them up in cute fall outfits and plop them in front of the pumpkin patch like before. Instead, I usually call my good friend or, if we’re lucky. have out-of-town friends who will share in the tradition. This year, I wanted to bring my big camera. I’ve been feeling inspired and itching to shoot more again. My friend and her daughter came with me as she always does. I also convinced my 17-year-old son, Daniel, to join us, so he did and brought his adorable girlfriend to share in the fun!

So, I can’t promise I will blog daily, or weekly, or even monthly – but I’m officially “back online” and looking forward to sharing experiences in this new phase of life!

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