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about katie


hello… welcome to my blog! my name is katie blauser and i LOVE what i do! i grew up with a disposable camera in hand and photos plastered all over my walls.

i graduated from ohio university with a degree in commercial photography. after graduating college, i started up with blink of an eye to pursue my dreams. i am based out of dayton with my husband and two adorable boys! i can be found shooting around ohio and even around the world!

so what do i do when i’m not glued to my camera? i love snuggles with my boys. i have an obsession with food – growing it, cooking it, and finding new restaurants with really yummy it. i believe homemade gifts are the absolute best. i laugh too much. i wish every day was filled with sunshine. i drive the speed limit – which really annoys most people who ride with me. i cannot start my day without breakfast. i dream of traveling the world. but most importantly, i love meeting new people and i can’t wait to meet you!

*photo by Winter-Freire Photography