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jesse + ian were married in the picturesque setting of jesse’s moms property in cincinnati on a beautiful june day. i absolutely love outdoor weddings! there were so many great little backgrounds around the house and outside that made for some great settings for photos. all of the handmade details with the different potted plants on every table, packets of wildflower seeds, and mason jars with their engagement photos inside were perfect!

the ivory mismatched bridesmaids dresses were such a sweet touch.

check out jesse’s sisters triplets! aren’t they just the cutest?! ๐Ÿ™‚

this video chat was going for all of the big events at the wedding with one of the couple’s close friends that couldn’t make it. it’s awesome how technology can include those that aren’t able to be there!!


my sweet little granny turns 80 this month so we decided to throw her a little surprise party! it was such a wonderful evening filled with laughter ( if you know the albrecht’s you know you can’t get us all together and not have an overabundance of that! ), tears, good times, and cheers!

my granny is known for her ability to instantaneously cry. so of course, once she realized all of her family and friends had gathered to celebrate 80 wonderful years of her life, she cried. luckily, my aunt was fully prepared with tissues!

you may not know that i come from a HUGE family. my dad is one of 11 ( this is all of the kids below! ) and my mom is one of 8. i wouldn’t want it any other way, a big family is the most fun!

this is a gift from one of my grandparents friend who was a photographer. he took this picture of my grandpa many years ago just for fun and then decided to get creative years later! that is a photo of my granny when she was about 4 in the dream bubble above him ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s such a sweet way to remember my gramps.

here’s a few from the photobooth i made! everyone seemed to have fun with all of my handmade props ๐Ÿ™‚