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veronica is a senior (and my cousin!) and such a fun person to be around. here’s some of my favorites i grabbed of her when she was in town from oklahoma (which is where i was born!) this summer.


lindsey + joel had a beautiful fall wedding and i was so happy to be able to capture their special day! the trolley was such a fun mode of transportation for the whole wedding party to be able to be together. not to mention, these guys had some of THE cutest kids involved in their wedding:)

i was telling the bride and groom to kiss in this shot and we all started laughing when we saw the sweet little ones do the same:)

check out all of these cute kiddos at the wedding!!

the book was made by the best man, and it was adorable!


happy 2011!
alana was a beautiful senior from this past fall who i’ve been wanting to blog because of all the beautiful fall colors and amazing outfits! enjoy:)


yay! we have completed all orders and holiday cards for the season! here at blink we do a number of cards and here’s just a peek at a few of this years batch. we will be home with our families until january 3rd but please feel free to email us at if you need to chat. we’ll be checking email periodically throughout the break. we’ll also be editing and blogging so check back! thanks for a wonderful year and may you all have a safe and happy holiday!