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you could win a free senior session!!! we have gotten such an amazing response to our 2010 senior display at starbucks in oakwood. to show our appreciation we are giving away 2 senior sessions to the class of 2011! to enter, send your name, email, school and phone number along with the answer to the 3 questions below to the winners will be announced at the end of june.
(1) what color is the balloon in the display at starbucks
(2) how many pictures of boys are in the display at starbucks
(3) what is your favorite starbucks drink?


hello! welcome to my blog:)i’m katie and i’m excited to share with all of you what i am out there photographing! i just graduated from ohio university and i am looking forward to what my future holds in my passion for photography. you may have met me in and out of the blink studio over my winter and summer breaks but i can’t wait to fully dive in with the blink of an eye team now that i have graduated!

so lets get to what you really came here for, the photos!