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yay! we have completed all orders and holiday cards for the season! here at blink we do a number of cards and here’s just a peek at a few of this years batch. we will be home with our families until january 3rd but please feel free to email us at if you need to chat. we’ll be checking email periodically throughout the break. we’ll also be editing and blogging so check back! thanks for a wonderful year and may you all have a safe and happy holiday!


where do i start?! there is so much to say about this super awesome couple! e is everything i wish i was in her amazing ability to make anything and everything absolutely adorable. no seriously, just see the photos! i couldn’t help but snap all of the sweet details around their house. when i first met with e + j they casually asked if i knew about the Friends episode (the one with the engagement photo) and i laughed and said of course! thinking nothing of it and just being happy they watched Friends! then they mentioned how they were both guilty of being Chandler smilers every time a camera came in front of them. i told them they were crazy and i would make sure that the Chandler smiles were kept to a minimum;)but lets be real, there are none to be seen!! so keep reading and brace yourself for some cuteness!

e + j had this cute little banner hanging over their kitchen doorway.

her ring is AMAZING! and j designed it just for her.

meet winston. winston churchill. their sweet little pup! and because like i said earlier, e makes everything into something totally adorable, his little banner above his dog bowls.

e is so creative that she made this paper chain link count down until their wedding! each month is a different paper and each link is a week. such a fun little way to count down the days! but because it’s so darn cute they don’t rip off the links:)instead is sits interwoven into their candles sitting on top of their fireplace.

how cute of a house is this?!

this is THE couch. and by THE i mean THE couch where he proposed:)

fun fact: e made her little red flowers on her coat. of course. told you she’s awesome!

what’s the book j’s reading about you ask? no clue.:)

e + j love thinking of unusual words so when we first started the session i asked them what makes them laugh and they both immediately said words! it took me a while before i could think of a word worthy enough of making them laugh and for this photos i shouted out HIPPOPOTAMUS! but i think they only laughed to make me feel better because they were coming up with much better words! so why throw the hippo? my college roommate and i came up with the idea one night ( avoiding studying i’m sure! ) to listen to how they say certain words on and we could not stop laughing when we heard the male voice say hippopotamus.


i’m so glad to finally be blogging this wedding! we have been so busy shooting and editing. this wedding was a total DIY, which i absolutely love and admire! they were such a sweet couple and fun wedding party. loved the girls dresses! all of the details at the reception were made by them and they were laughing about the tree branches that they said sarah’s mom hiked into the woods for:)and the groom’s “cake” was so cute and yummy!


jen + jon were so sweet… until the football photos started!;)who won? i give the game to jen for her effort and taking a blow to the chin in mid-tackle! haha, they are such fun people and i loved their idea to incorporate their favorite football teams into the photos. it’s always special when something meaningful is used to really capture the couple. can’t wait for your wedding!