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this family is so full of energy!!! the kids had such bubbly personalities and i think the pictures really capture them:)and check out how awesome their cartwheels are! i remember first learning how to do a cartwheel when i did gymnastics when i was younger. i literally did them everywhere!! ( and i mean everywhere! in school, which i got my name of the board for :), and down the hallway at home ) instead of walking i decided cartwheels were a better mode of transportation!


wow! i have been on the go traveling for the past week photographing a beautiful wedding in rhode island and then heading to nyc for a workshop. i love traveling and shooting in new places! here’s some of my favorites from nyc. i’m not a city person at all but it’s so incredible there with all the lights and people. i was only there for a short time so i didn’t get to see much of the city, but my cousin showed me around times square ( that’s where these photos are from). i can’t wait to go back and explore the city more!

the polaroids are some of my favorites from the feet first workshop i went to at the impossible project. it’s such a great movement to bring back polaroids ( in october 2008 the impossible project saved the last polaroid production plant for integral instant film in enschede (NL) and started to re-invent and re-produce a new instant film for traditional polaroid cameras. ) i grew up taking polaroids so it was great to get back at it again and new york makes it easy to find some great things to shoot. i met some really awesome people there and am so excited to use what i learned!


abby is such a fun outgoing senior! her dog, daisy, passed away a couple weeks before our session so she wanted to have a little something in her photos to remind her with some daisy flowers! so you will see little peeks of daisy throughout the photos:)